Farm Lot for Sale!

Farm Lot for Sale! Farm Lot for Sale!
Lot Area: 35,000 m²
Floor Area: 0 m²
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Farm Lot for Sale!
© Location: Acli Mexico, Pampanga
Best Investment for:
Housing Project (Subdivision)
Price: Php. 2,400/sqm. – negotiable upon viewing
> 3.5 Hectares
P Clean Title
W’Updated Amilyar
M’Near Gubat Resort and Caridad Resort
M5 minutes going to Global Plaza Mall (Panipuan, Mexico)
* 5 minutes going to Nlex (Mexico Exit)
> 5 mins going to Villa Antonina Resort, Roseans Resort
Panipuan, San fernando
* 5 mins going to 7/11, Fresh Option, Laundry shop, mini
talipapa, Panipuan, San fernando,
M10 mins going to Villa Alfredos Baliti Resort
*’12 mins going to Baliti Caltex, San fernando
BPP _____________

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